History of creation

AP Royal is a European brand, a collaborative work of European jewelry houses and the AP Royal creative team. AP Royal is part of AP Holding group of companies.

AP Royal is a gift that you can make for yourself, a business partner or a special someone.

The positive emotional content of AP Royal products will always emphasize the correctness of
your choice.

Royal Phone
Royal Phone
For whom is our product aimed at?

Success, intelligence and eccentricity, and most importantly a sense of beauty - these are the
features that characterize our clients.

Royal Phone
Why our product is unique?

Vertu, AP Royal and other luxury goods combine the author's approach of the best European
jewelry houses and the use of exclusive materials.

Royal Phone

Now in the right order

AP Royal smartphones and accessories are being created by our experts by using the latest developments in jewelry and information technologies.

The materials we use in our production are platinum, titanium alloys, gold, carbon, precious stones and genuine leather.

AP Royal, in collaboration with jewelry houses, creates a real work of art from each gadget.

In the production process a special embossing and engraving technique is used, and the smartphone cases are encrusted with real gems.

About Royal Phone
About feelings

The feeling of beauty will accompany you every day you spend with AP Royal smartphones.
Emotional fullness from tactile sensations, visual superiority and wonderful polyphony will
complement your unique image.

Our goal

To demonstrate your best human and business qualities in the exclusivity of our products.

Order an Iphone with an individual design

Order an Iphone with an individual design