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Formula Uno

  • Formula Uno
Formula Uno


Formula Uno
Back pannel

Сlassic carbon with nappa leather

Formula Uno

Voluminous bright scarlet inserts imitating the body of a Ferrari are made of heavy-duty titanium with a ceramic coating

Formula Uno
Camera's hood

Classic tessellated textured carbon

Formula Uno

The iconic Ferrari logo is based on titanium combined with black ceramic, coated in bright jewelry enamel.

4,900  €


The incredible and legendary style of Ferrari speaks loudly about strength, passion and an irrepressible desire to win. If you are not embarrassing about expressing yourself and want to always be the first in everything, this AP Royal is definitely for you.
Stylish daring and memorable design, created by the masters of AP Royal using top materials. Voluminous bright scarlet titanium inserts with ceramic coating seem to recreate the legendary Ferrari case. The world-famous prancing horse logo also perfectly matches the original, in our execution it is recreated from titanium with black ceramics in a jewelry fill.


Any Device of Royal Phone company guaranteed with quality certificate of ownership which receiving with the product. All the devices have 1 year warranty, what includes design or device repair, setup and technical services. Royal phone provides full services after the end of warranty period.


Free worldwide shipping goes with EMS services. Parcel will be sent to the clients address after manufacturing finish within 1-5 days after purchasing ( manufacturing period depends of design complication). EMS Delivery period can go for 35-60 days. Fast shipping available with extra charges. Taxes of client’s country not included and must be paid in receiving.

Formula Uno

Formula Uno