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Dragon legend

  • Dragon legend
Dragon legend


15,400  €


For ages, dragons have been a symbol of power, force, and wisdom of emperors.
In our Dragons lineup we wanted to bring together traditions and modern trends, we believe we have been able to do so.
iPhone Dragon legend is finished in top-quality alligator leather combined with top-quality gold and marble carbon fiber.
Even emperor Fuxi could have appreciated it.


Any Device of Royal Phone company guaranteed with quality certificate of ownership which receiving with the product. All the devices have 1 year warranty, what includes design or device repair, setup and technical services. Royal phone provides full services after the end of warranty period.


Free worldwide shipping goes with EMS services. Parcel will be sent to the clients address after manufacturing finish within 1-5 days after purchasing ( manufacturing period depends of design complication). EMS Delivery period can go for 35-60 days. Fast shipping available with extra charges. Taxes of client’s country not included and must be paid in receiving.

Dragon legend

Dragon legend